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Holiday Gift Show

September 26, 2018
View and experience exclusive wines, epicure products and gift ideas for the Holiday 2018 season.

Mariposa, Level Three
NM Holiday Gift Show

20th Anniversary Celebration

September 13, 2018 to September 15, 2018
Enjoy our signature chocolate chip cookies, designer appearances and more. Receive a limited edition canvas totebag designed by local artist Jasper Wong of POW! WOW! Hawaii with a qualifying purchase.

September 13-15 from 12pm-4pm
All Levels

NM 20th Anniversary Jasper Wong Pow Wow

Beauty Event Party

September 08, 2018
View the Fall 2018 Beauty Event gift and enjoy complimentary makeovers, manicures, light refreshments and more.

Spend $125 get an exclusive tote bag in choice of 3 colors filled with deluxe samples. Spend $350 and receive a travel brush set, as well. Pluse, earn additional gifts from each beauty line with a qualifying spend.

Cosmetics, Level One
NM Beauty Event Party
Neiman Marcus Honolulu